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African of Kenya Ether Part 18

by Infinito 2017

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  • Infinito 2017 - African of Kenya Ether Part 18
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    This is 140 Gram Color Vinyl | Album Comes with a Chip Board Cover and Full Color Poster Inside | A Book or CD or Tape or Vinyl Bonus will be included at Random as supplies last.

    The prolific Infinito 2017 returns center stage via the steadfast Culture Power 45 vinyl only label with one of his most personal releases to date: ‘African of Kenya Ether Part 18’. Poised as the 18th chapter of a 17 series box set where we find Infinito discovering he has lineage connected to Kenya and parts of Western North Africa, specifically the LUHYA tribe.

    The soundscape is vocally packed with Infinito’s signature on/off beat flow that tackle concepts that range from gentrification, colonial oppression, to empowering black people as evidenced by the Dion Brown produced ‘Action to Take Back Our Land” and ‘Move and Confront’ produced by Japan based boom bapper Ill Sugi.

    To date Culture Power 45 has continued to deliver superior vinyl only sure shots. This Infinto 2017 banger is sure to carry on the tradition.

    SIDE A
    A 01 Compelling Residents (Prod by ILLsugi) 02:06
    A 02 East Lower Side Shorts (Prod by ILLsugi) 01:40
    A 03 Loop of Storms (Prod by Kiza Beats) 03:38
    A 04 Filthy Swine Flesh (Prod by ILLsugi) 01:55
    A 05 Action to Take Our Land Back (Prod by Dion Brown) 02:54
    A 06 Move and Confront (Prod by ILLsugi) 01:22
    A 07 Rejection of They T.V. (Prod Dion Brown) 02:49
    A 08 Emotions of Yesteryear (Prod by ILLsugi) 01:09
    A 09 Quote Unpleasant Stress (Prod by Kiza Beats) 02:07
    A 10 Speaking Proper Dont Equal Intelligence (Prod by Kiza Beats) 02:57
    A 11 Talking Too Much (blah blah)(Prod by Dion Brown) 02:31
    A 12 NewEraChicago (Break)(Prod by Dion Brown) 01:00

    SIDE B
    B 13 Analog Transmission Static Communication (Prod by Dion Brown)02:45
    B 14 Personal Remote Island (Prod by ILLsugi)01:29
    B 15 Anti Synthetic Used (prod by Ahurumazda)02:38
    B 16 Physical Demands Cure (Prod by ILLsugi)01:19
    B 17 From Way Down The Block (Prod by Dion Brown)02:49
    B 18 Masking Xenophobia (Prod by ILLsugi)02:21
    B 19 Excuses in Fallacy (Prod by Kiza Beats)02:54
    B 20 Why You Was Fantasying (Prod by Dion Brown)02:31
    B 21 Infamous Splendid (Prod by The Deity Complex)02:08
    B 22 Limitless Discussion (Prod by ILLsugi)01:08
    B 23 Melanated Free Thinkers (Prod by Dion Brown)02:24
    B 24 By Now the bread is Old (Prod by ILLsugi)2:00

    Includes unlimited streaming of African of Kenya Ether Part 18 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Compelling Residents Surprising element effortless Men sweet like peppermints In pig skins wrapped in torment limited refusal Dismissal of unwanted types laughing at foolery Conflicting conditions for sad answers of today’s youth Generations of unexpected clues from blues Doing the most work in a limited times worry free Making passes better with age following no ones Rules we destroy throw away junk food Makers of what’s most necessary bargain Darling deletes repeats of the same sentence Reflecting on maximum restrictions undocumented No talking on the internet brother’s multi talented Keep your own money on days at sometimes Cheat you out your dreams in broken English Said this word improper done for dollars only Only save funds battle words not weapons Stays away from bums do this for a brother Scorpio is left handed melanin is god Parts of everything a whole lot of nothing Walk away from them With your mind saying something Better than you did the last time Teaching those who ready to learn we develop Not parts of religious games to belong Games played on you we alone Most fakes run away from they lies Trying to act right beg please apologize Lyrics by Infinito 2017
East Lower Side Shorts Sentence contradiction non fiction Writing screen play from a very odd position Life unreal stand still no guns used man steals No feel life from the bottom upper hand Knock out blows from the master in the class Creativity substitutes life don’t change channels Cultivate now regenerate make excuse exchange 75th across the tracks maps give no direction Honor lands for pro blacks take your freedom Reject all lies told bring back what you belong Never a song just to get along no fashion Dress up like bad movies don’t defeat purposes Subtitles leave out what we out here working Damage bad dreams inception more screams Removed from more excuses what’s not seen! Placed on small screens sold for small parts Television shows that don’t deserve to start Turn that joint off wake up in the dark Wasn’t ready for where we see this small part Shorts on big screens run for two months Lower east side darling starving for pop corn 80S EBONY PORN! Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Loop of Storms He was like man where my money Trapped in 4 corners Latin kings pushed Silence on stair cases places for protection Stop looking at me go back where you from Dumb violence for a block of sorrow Used to be the greatest days of hatred Who created this version of America? What was it called before Polo Colombo Dumbo flying circus pigs clowns in make up Torn between today another time Looking down lanes memory remembering Living for the block the corner the kids Running streets sideways down allies Mad at other people strictly prohibited Lending messages this is not my code Not my home dude was from out by Downers Grove Some Elgin GD’s pretending to be Gods Working for more information Screams of voiceless honesty opinions No reason to listen Cubs championships Propaganda gang signs device methods Tired and sleepy piss on streets disgusting Call for momma didn’t come soon enough We worried about all we know Them pigs shot lord dude didn’t do none On my momma revenge is in play Tired of this push to the edges Food for the hungry we was helping All this said to a social worker Leading a youth group back home Stop talking so much they listening For the day we speak in code No pay or cell phones Brothers on blocks Don’t nobody own 4x’s Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Filthy Swine Flesh Drop the US Dollar they bound to kill you Dirty fascist pigs they want to steal truth Put you in place where government rule Only tell the parts they know you can’t use! Saying boy get moving asking what you doing Pigs always wanna grab they gun start shooting Watching movies thinking fantasy real life Cowboy rednecks always want to get trife Take the life of many like its good and plenty Undertrained servants for the prison institution Stop moving Negro boy what you doing Dirty pigs quick to grab they guns bang shoot kids White Teacher told Black Students Don’t Make Me Call Trump get You Sent Back to Africa What ever’s cleaver punk go ahead do it? Maybe the most important thing you doing Thinking what you doing disregard the irrelevant Invent your life don't be made behind them They not actual factual literally subtract fools Drop the US Dollar they bound to kill you Dirty fascist pigs they want to steal truth Put you in place where government rule Only tell the parts they know you can’t use! Your life is not for sale nothing is for trade We don't trade stock so we don't watch Stop playing along to get along Creative anarchy mercenary fake disposition Nothing you say we don’t listen not my story Evil is not love so we not going Stay out the way party later another day Explicit interest we don't welcome your gain Drop the US Dollar they bound to kill you Dirty fascist pigs they want to steal truth Put you in place where government rule Only tell the parts they know you can’t use! Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Action to take our land back I don’t believe in things keep your American dream What to attain pennies or anything still search Hands out in dirty t shirts stranded in the past Wondering, where’s the future what’s for me? Minus them those who stole this land from me They killed native’s coloreds my original being Where is our story the one made for about us My stories washed away we looking for today After years of tears still no outcome from dreams Begging and praying marching wondering why Still the same reality no out come just more fear They create a million ways to get paid off black But black don’t afford a place to rest backs From somewhere to suffering we build positivity In a war against an evil with poor hygiene Don’t ask for a gain just take your land back A people that Was built off lies Has no truth They can’t teach you so they don’t lead you On every space of earth they use and use you They from nowhere they had nothing You teach them everything they came empty They rape and steal killing all life on earth Global warming harp projects more pain Don’t sit and guess get up and take your name This land is your land this land not there’s They came from nothing you came with land All natural resourses golden diamonds Love of self Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Move And Confront Story of the untold banging on wax Always stayed black but never did slack For those who lack matter fact Know its superior lyric season Too much fun for the camera looking to be seen Turn your mop and glow to your shine and gleam I need a second I only need a second Never let self down always use perfection The better breed top seed emcee Teach you how to rhyme straight birth rate Anti Skinny jeans bookstore machine clean Need learn man never get sleep always on beat Tired of the nothing need stop fronting Broke in bits and pieces end of the fronting No time to collide with these fools wasting time In prompt easy way me still one of my kind So we dip and dive denies all they spies Be careful who you watch in dot dot dot Some of these dimensional girls are fembots Lyrics unlock and teach the unwise How to represent be ahead of they paradigm Beyond sometimes all seasons sound right Prepared with intelligent reason Kids not aware who what they believe in Fakeness exists confusing losers Still looking to be led by others Stop fall back think about what you doing Lyrics by Infinito 2017
REJECTION OF THEY TV Blacker adjective acting to live Reject once upon a pen Write uniquely completely Don’t like cold weather sun people Unequal word rotate easy Detail the basics from shining spaces Star ships honey dips from Gotham Stop inquiring start reminding finding Lying to the public only a couple bars Push off from cement rent Now again growth from taking chances Wild 100s spirit of the sentimental Lies short stories boring glory Pushed from a lot of nothing Bad dreams with great ideas Some people don’t know help Unprotected sexual activity climax So we do for self NOT WATING NOT SEEING NOT BELIEVE IN THINGS Brought up on being an adjective Rented borrowed or stolen Cherry trees dreams Washington campus Cancel silence rewind to remind us Nothing sent to resemble simple Infatuation with hatred Suburban gangbangers Weird Wilmette Naperville ILL STATE Save your children get therapy Bogus can’t read to many laws Protected by the racist bigots idiots Living on a small island minus this stress Craziness from sick people Me the sick people living unreasonable Everything new sucks awfully really Silly Simon Garfunkel simple passage Every night is a late night session Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Emotions of Yesteryears (Eyes) The gift of life, livings but a dream I than seen a lot of things Obscene Nasty incarcerated porn images Awkward imagination she was moving fast My black exterior dominates her parts Something from players pictorial Looking premed out hair curly wet No reason to reject upset extend Long range brother looking wide eyed What’s next she turned over again, again? Friends lasted so beautiful Asking for more now I’m obsessed Relationships get the exit Wetlands in Germany untamed Watching too much Netflix no chill Words programmed into our systems Black girl educated different world Turn off that TV turn off the News Lies to her hallucination lost self Bring back today yesteryears Transmitted from the basement Broken peeks through windows Gossip and tears thought of throbbing Am I pregnant if so what is than Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Quote Unpleasant Stress Listen to reason of another dimension Wishing for decision living in an instant Resistant from conditions living indifferent Found self not confused being another No one will love you as much as self discovers Not confused abused on no type drugs No drinking allowed in a negative climate Vocals follow the voice announcement Not short changed for a part time gain Feeding the brain food to empower mane Games are not played in foul conditions Not lost hoping wishing reaching for glory Not searching for self inside they bad stories These are the stories of blacker than black Clean not dressed in name brand fashions Asking that oppressor for anything outside now Crush the rules presented dismissed finished Not living with permission long distance This my life my story not they judgment Dismissed from realty no glamorous living Men confused dressed in name brand fabrics Not a part of these evil ones restrictions We think black don’t have to ask what matters Already matters more frequency than real audio Not of enough ram to run this program Never programmed god dammed you to euro hell Get up and leave don’t ask for permission This is your existence never asking or wishing Smack the hell out of evil ones Above any placement placed upon my living Not forgetting what they did to indigenous people Not forgiving them for these negative conditions Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Speaking Proper Don’t Equal Intelligence Only devil likes madness very wicked plans Want us to just wake up next day forget Sandra bland Listen devil that's not reality, neither is your humanity So when we walk the streets at night be careful please Think black controls the night time energy from the Sun Super solar power black it comes without machine guns Same complexion nothings accurate it's all a response The willingness to not to be confused by European folklore Who spoke more devils words must be denied When you live mind control people programmed lies! More confusion, choosing sides nothing worth nothing Don't ask don't challenge the blue print for black power Pre-colonial black Africa minus Your presence Just because you talk proper don't mean that you intelligent Mentally irrelevant sounding like a fool pointless existence Trained in public schools nothing from oppression Teaches you purpose we didn't start the fire We can't water your flames in the name of all living energy remains Nothing we read from their life is worth acceptance You can't put truth in the European dictionary Not to mention when it comes to them Conclusion to the end the best result Stay clear of stupidity don’t take in any portion Leave where it sits burn Leopold burn Talking Proper Don’t Equal Intelligence Be careful what you learn it’s not worth concern Best get to your roots and recreate the suns return No what you learn delete what you don’t need A brilliant people don’t need no equal stay aware Walking paths alone strong home indigenous Don’t eat pork save souls stand above avoid lies We defend we win hooping out the frame People above average flash screen pick and roll Mental awareness proper intelligent thoughtful Rid the world of irrelevance save your people Thoughts are important transmit from soul station Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Talking Too Much (BLAH BLAH) Wrote wrong on purpose, can’t find me Not involved stay away from not close My own existence minus any oppressor Don’t step in the arena r and b singer Eliminate you from now forever more Score go off turn around explore the door Self managed carefully produced no excuse Never useless match only made for vinyl Final call yes yall more dj solo ability Never found can’t remember these Stay away from don’t enter closed door Shoot up your plantation take the gold Folks G’s members of black community Rebel soldiers holders of truth respect Known for dignity broken down laid back Bring forth knowledge wisdom get that Pick of the litter heavy hitter rhyme giver Change minds destroy what you enter Remember the time rhymes was said New kids be dead fake punks cowards Not people internet activities recycle waste Bottom of what’s actually falling from grace Some parts at a time wisdom be the mind Learn from experience normal frequency Impact delete reject turn back the hands Washed up at a young age two much laziness Being inconsistent is your only skill Not listening to your nothing the only deal Don’t charge crazy land thief confused type Rewrite apologize don’t exist again ending Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Analog Transmission Static Communication (ATSC) Make believe magic another fantasy Out of darkness came souls black as me Racial economics disturbing the peace Food clothing shelter nothing to eat Think what you think deals running fast Falling for anything not standing for any Fake politicians war in Mississippi Simply not embracing their foul politics Stuck in falsehoods turn up not awkward Big chocolate titties sacred deep yoni Falling for squares fake acting phony Devils mentally lame call you out your name Afraid of truth from where you really came Scams games manipulation confusing world Constant evil worship pagan holy days Concepts that make you think using brain Discontinue issues erase they write with pencils Aggressive on the boards dominate teams Work the hardest never stuck in cement Weak untalented got no skills more developed Must know whats real family broken We only seeking love bad institutions Focus, stand above beyond noise they making Don’t get caught caking making smiley faces Man made music that’s truly hardcore Breaks beats daily leave you wanting more Fishing for compliments no you not real State of the ILL triple double team Bring them back to basics finish off for real Food from the gods walking working hard Not the best friend we stand above bars Killing off the corny think they super stars Name brand new jacks fronting in they cars Rhyme in real life unplugged from media No digital outlet or Wikipedia Can’t find me with your imagination Analog transmission static communication Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Personal Remote Island Purpose excuse execution delusion resolution Kennedy King College remote broke goals We get money avoid all evil not gone happen Already exists diss your lazy inconsistence Stop give up walk away from us adults trust none Not real life happens exist, we already done Moves made we accomplish what we said Don’t celebrate those dreams albums come out Don’t ask me again said the same thing before Two slices no gyros please hold the cheese Just some food suppose to be eating Owners part time negotiations Sundays Super teams versus villains not a match up Don’t wait on her to please you Remote Island Person of myself the best me I can be today Wide hips big cups master of the best set Send them back to the beginning belief reset Exist already, already exist (2xs) Not sold lies parts nothing said All parts of this happens, exist already Return home to the state where you from Cheating broken hearted rejected no family Stay away from those types this not worth it Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Anti Synthetic Used (At break) Writing evolves surround sonically clear equal Advanced living energy feedback Nubian regal Equipped teachings that personify beyond ages Multiple parts segments better prepared respond Details for the sane see away from simple delivery Concepts speak volumes sound off food onboard Space walkers heard clear through receivers Capacity collects formulation for the open eyes Wisdom for personalities walking outer plane Simplicity stay in one lane not detained no permit Heights of the upper echelon useful academics Applied daily lower levels think we crazy Convey creativity derail light trains of thought No standing room brooms sweep easily amused Celebrate not reject what’s suppose to be used Indigenous to the ancient’s light years ahead you They see thru very unoriginal Sounding reused plastic material (3xs) Not Greek version study from originals Schooled by spiritually enhanced reception Not concluded at every teleport misinformed Don’t listen to my enemy for education Learn only from the seed planed from honesty Jealousy the demise of weak men not ready No judgment on those not completely focused Hyped over energetic off mere speculation Synthetically engineered reasoning of another Spoon fed low level unimportance They see thru very unoriginal Sounding reused plastic material (3xs) Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Physical Demands Cure Exposed landlines reserved empty lots Spots on the run marks a lot wall tags Banned in all states beats with digital static Magic pass easy bakers stove top stuffing Loving of my kind synonymous with wise Reach beyond style takers biters used up Real writers reserve the right to break laws Movies make money to entertain the lost Black communities broken empty pockets Seen through eye sockets unlock deep profits Pray to the dollar still broke money gave up Brother’s sisters still wishing for hopeful Days don’t change only people miniature albums Huge projects laugh look through other days They get paid for stealing from others They made the laws yall follow obey the laws Never today for yall on shoplifter’s acres mules Don’t ever work for free shoot a slave master Blow they head off for miss using the living Lyrics by Infinito 2017
From Way Down the Block I was walking up the block turned around stopped Not listening to the radio everything is pop Never liked a cop when I was walking up the rock Every place I go everybody just watch So he took his life back but then they yelled stop Looking in her eye just give me one shock When I was walking up the block 63rd back home Back when Motorola was the favorite phone Click on free zones not tell us what we on World of my own when I lived back home Hate from other people stuck up for no reason Not really that splendid wanting me to change The longer it takes we can never grow So you got to go never seen again not any more When I was walking down the clock Before the gun shots when black was on stocks No one called the cop when we was on the top Home boy wasn’t doing rocks back then Went to the corner store just to get a pop When we lived down the block We would never stop From Way Down the Block Way down the block Bad for your health on the next stop All the Arab stores only got junk food When we lived down the block my dog got shot Why they shoot my dog back up the block Miss Myles had candy I lost my tooth to junk food Stay up out my business we be running spots Life is just a mission wishing for change Rearrange the game and it still not the same Independent dreams away from every thang What they never saw yall aint never seen Followers only follow the rest of them believe Don’t mean nothing don’t mean anything Teaching things television can’t see That’s them not me it aint my fault Whatever that means Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Masking Xenophobia From tension Pay attention we do this for my people Dude your wife is an immigrant look who you deport Escorted from the area belief is kinda brief Living in a world where don’t nobody think In sync with nature so welcome to the now Lost is disbelief they clone the earth no style Gentrification on your memory station Thoughts are up for grabs as they atlas clouds Vision in particular they challenge your story Global domination of another man’s glory Written in poetry to cover up truths Never love the devil in the form of Dylann Roof Don’t believe them people they are not developed Primitive insignificant from now to nightmares Teaching children scams so they can be confused Mentally challenged physically abused Some they want zero cause that is all they know Falling for anything the land they don’t belong Rich people never send they kids to the draft Feel free to think your thoughts without neglect ** From the powers of the mind you are defined They can only try to control you for part of the time These Anti immigrant bastards rotate on stolen land North Dakota pipelines and stories of stress Walking streets at night looking upset Bad politicians church music and hypocrites Lies told teaching you illusions it’s not my president Now you want love when all you teach is hate Red state bubbles corruption plus counterfeit Police shoot blacks its overlooked black No honesty in mainstream media anarchy in the streets Black babies crying no room to feel defeat Television not reality so don’t tune in We are not equal you are no friends Lyrics by Infinito 2017
EXCUSES IN FALLACY Misogyny promoted at the hands of them Contenders step up needing assistance Elements nature feed us true none fictional Reality promoted tangible unauthorized Forgetting for the sake of dishonesty Glamour no glitz bad screening same view Visual misleading screaming paradox Distant from misleading folklore stories Life is not how smart you are but how you play How well you get along with colonial oppressors Their game your move what feeds the plate Stomach guilty of working for the government Devils on wrong lands stealing lands on feet Shot him back get away from here not needed How soon them retreat not needed people Get away from Mother lands stand down flee Never asked for your entrance outsiders rejected In broad daylight stupidity transmitted violence They killing people you screaming WordStar Choices to be parts or separated black love Illegal integration bus trips borders protest No need for the vote for the devil you get the devil In this land you only get devils so the devils views Bad teachings martial law more devils bad lands Blind is not ready they need to feed children Willing to do anything for easy bucks sold souls Organization fight back get ready for the end Look them in the face my people we defend How soon them retreat not needed people Get away from Father lands stand down America propaganda one in the same Teaching evil lies people with no brains Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Why you was Fantasizing Reaching out to my people connect wise Reset buttons don’t fall short can’t hear me Excuse me move to another side Stand down release relax fade out of contention Resemble what was once called negroid Indigenous people not a part of any barrier We not building no wall shut up devil Selected from the last place you was looking My goal is to save black people They don’t care about you they using you Population of the globe first man on earth Life is commercialism acting off politics’ Peace to the future we don’t hurt our own equal Walking the earth barefoot knocking out negative In a world where truth hurts you in pain Suffering from honest anxiety hangovers Dudes make music like they listen to other dudes Foolish useless pointless yeah I said it Weak like folks with the same falsehood Not of this planet from another land Hand to the facial people hateful Mentals used for thought provoking Told you albums come out 17 years 30 deep Speak not to me pro blackness eliminate fake Of our own people first foremost No crack speed or dope you are no factor Acting on European stages more fakeness Your whole life is filled with hatred Somebody’s nobody is nobody to somebody Nobodies somebody is somebody to nobody Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Infamous Splendid Advanced relations teleportation conversation Another world outer body godly somewhat better Devastate multitudes teachers of many Not for unawake dead heads stuck in constitutions Stories for the ruthless attack the oppression War in zones taking back native lands for the people Gifted verbally equipped no plan to fall short Escort you like expeditions on mercury near Lincoln Got land young guns not able to shoot with Vocally equipped to stop stupid end ignorance Voice for the people move in a forward motion Never hopeless what you believe in is not reality Century links on talking sticks dipped in gold leaf Other’s wondering, what’s beef on two hands no feet Sleep on the wrong man stony island provided South shore driver rhymer of the full time occupied User of my own mind than off no background music Keep still people they using running backs black hands Pass drop fumbles tunnel vision in clouds darker Body of chakras not no knock off version Submerged in the depths of subterranean Belief in nothing man made from another place Grace for the ready minded can’t find rewind Made sense for the none thinkers speak profound Not a part of their nothing fronting for parts in plays Strange brains can’t think so don’t say nothing STAY ! Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Limitless Discussion Poor uneducated after reconstruction Nothing is real in a world of nothing real Uplift outreach extend don’t pretend Others they fail you not meaning anything Welcome in the night nothing new to bring Unmoved gifted irregular procedure Faith is limited not really a believer Passing others standards upset from let downs Breaking all agendas bodies they fall off Nobody can help you outside yourself Never look for other to be better than self Only person to believe inside of your self Lost in a world we suffer from somebody else Never feed your ego experience real life Tired of working free nobody owes do for self Working for spare change none of now has changed Belief in failed days from tomorrow’s yesterdays Conversations decisions not saying something Falling on purpose to the limitless discussion Lyrics by Infinito 2017
Melanated Free Thinkers For the most part don’t get lost dark Night time features for the formulation Substance persist thinking is not the norm Outstanding updated premeditated hated on Mostly unusual abuse of social networks Hurts escorts exercise bending rules Formulas for the emotionally abused Tips for the sleepless played by Charles Jamie’s Deep in thought my own execution from the outtake Artist maker hating on desperation stranded Reporting from halftimes game plays Winning for the sake of the not losing Behind the scenes careful with assumptions Back to basics written on loose leaf notebook Crooked hooks sloppy jump shots left handed Still went in what yall looking at thief Excuse to wake yourself Ahead of time to seek Think beyond what ever No room to hold belief For the sake of time get focused Wake up read the headlines rhymes said Sitting on afternoon work permitted For the light hearted stay ready Think ahead of time well not yet Already for the best of us unusual Don’t reject my own think for self We build our own nation minus yours No need for a land thief to think Purpose already on purpose Poorly trained pigs looking slop to eat Weak minded rejects got no beat Lyrics by Infinito 2017
By Now the bread is Old Searching for my people in land that’s unequal We only multiply why others stand by Only strong survive breaking down jive Over out again clouds in the sky Tears falling eyes that see that man bleed Reaching deep inside to stop his whole team Reason for change listen to his brain? What we see is strange drastically deranged Rearrange feeling pain got to represent Distribute conversation at the listener’s expense Deaf can’t hear what we tell them clear Don’t come around dread being other people Listerine is needed to take away the stench Coaching tigers play like he was Larry Finch Calling from the bench black do suicides Samsung galaxy android box surprise Underground living looking for the terror dome Carry me away is all these ladies know Believing in a system that don’t have worth Young Gucci Manes wearing lamb skin shirts Speaking out of order to go and save speech Saying light weight trying to be deep Don’t nobody want you with fake gold teeth Manufactured hair crazy looking clown Down in Times Square doing backwards flips So bodean trying to get rich off the next mans tricks Weak none athletic none dunking team Making up excuses suckers can’t set screens Lyrics by Infinito 2017


The prolific Infinito 2017 returns center stage via the steadfast Culture Power 45 vinyl only label with one of his most personal releases to date: ‘African of Kenya Ether Part 18’. Poised as the 18th chapter of a 17 series box set where we find Infinito discovering he has lineage connected to Kenya and parts of Western North Africa, specifically the LUHYA tribe.

The soundscape is vocally packed with Infinito’s signature on/off beat flow that tackle concepts that range from gentrification, colonial oppression, to empowering black people as evidenced by the Dion Brown produced ‘Action to Take Back Our Land” and ‘Move and Confront’ produced by Japan based boom bapper Ill Sugi.

To date Culture Power 45 has continued to deliver superior vinyl only sure shots. This Infinto 2017 banger is sure to carry on the tradition.



released October 6, 2017

Production by Dion Brown, ILLsugi, Kiza Beats and The Deity Complex
Art work by Marcellous Lovelace
Mixed by Vortx of Distorsun


all rights reserved



Culture Power45 Chicago, Illinois

Culture Power45 Brand Partners with Solar Babies Art Institute LLC grounded in providing culturally based sound to a worldwide audience via the limited vinyl, tapes, CDS and collectible 45 format. We believe in our mission of empowering the people through music so the people can power the culture! culturepower45vinyl@gmail.com

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