Around The Corner Part 1

by blocks off cottagegrove

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blocks off cottagegrove is paying homage to the area of love and loss through creativity in sonics.


released June 12, 2018

produced by blocks off cottagegrove


all rights reserved



Culture Power45 Chicago, Illinois

Culture Power45 is a Label Exclusively for Vinyl: Culture Power 45 is a source grounded in providing culturally based sound to a worldwide audience via the limited vinyl and collectible 45 format. We believe in our mission of empowering the people through music so the people can power the culture!

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Track Name: sleeping on star dust (prod by blocks off cottagegrove)
Somewhere stuck between today and yesterday
Seen unlimited time he just let the mind spray
Uniform standards for my very own dimension
Killing off stress paranoid releasing tension
Never mention news or what others say
Many stay confused acting sensitive deranged
Don’t let them use you remain your own brain
Collecting Big Baller Brands stay in your own lane
Plain to seek living my own weapon
Usually alone no need for protection
Right direction intellect syllable phrase
Lies are told when many believe afraid
Sleeping on a subject dedicated to truth
Running off inspiration from positive proof
Live life expansion situated with wise
Don’t stay frozen in moments pushing razors edge
Begging others for respect something I never said
Feed my own people to utilize thought
Walking outside lines watching her body talk
Many are never mentioned carry better styles
Falling to sleep on foes failure never rules
Breaking branches off trees don’t grow correctly
Only being self never another me
Track Name: compress downstairs noise (prod by blocks off cottagegrove)
Give me a peace give me peace
Pork I never eat Boy they got beef
Best soon to retreat
Wack rappers we defeat
Make em eat they pig feet
Take a seat boy is sweat
What is beef not my beef
Better soon to track meet
Never look back Once upon a time
Clowns be getting jacked
Never closed never open
Woke naw children joking
Smoking death
Watch ya step someone else
Never true who is you?
Sissy fool born to lose sucker boy take step
Batty boy stay upset throw em down
What's da sound watch the clouds
Laying flat on his back children best to relax
Nothing never happened so they just napping
Lost in wonderland wishing to be a man
Transvestite with tight pants sucker boy acting sad
Mad at other people can never get the change
Pain to the brain talking slang on a train
Call it EL all is well blocks off Cottage Grove
Take da 4 hit the back door
Put more Compression on dem drums
Dirty Nasty Static hum ……………..
Track Name: suspend life define (prod by blocks off cottagegrove)
From the depth of his soul
Take shape next control
Decide to think different
Unwanted parts some told
Cold yet unusual spaces depart
Recline on a chair
Letting bodies unlock
Cut from a mold
People age not developed
Living a life we all redevelop
Someway some how
People underestimate
Breaks over scratches
Saw cuts on his face
Place to reside
Becomes place to unwind
Suspected of crimes
Where we all use our minds
Travel Fordham road
Seen rent was to high
Ended up on a station
Where space was a lie
Went underground
Came back for some time
Words spoken foul
Where others comprehend
Thoughts clear enough
No room to pretend

He stayed removed
From what he once had
No searching for peace
Using words from his past
Online searches faces delete
Meet in a circle rewinding beats
Complete my entire task
Bask in suns glow
Trapped energy from sun
With this look on his face

Suspended defined
Dissect information
Return life stolen
Update conversations
Track Name: blocks off cottagegrove) - Yelling Through the Concrete (gerald green remix) (prod by blocks off cottagegrove)
Radio Active sound waves
Bouncing off sanity
Many don’t describe
Characterize life annually
Build through desert storms
Far from norms
Born off hard cores
From mantel to floor
Prohibit none sense
Said by dry lames
Pointing fingers at self
You to blame
Walking around insane
Names try to change
All come out plastic
Exactly same
Games played plain
Ran on three squads
Fake individuals
Playing with gods
Fabricated retards
Drunk on bad booz
Lost on bad time
Guessing whose who
Everyone confused
Wondering what to do
Aint never they self
Always another fool

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